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Re: Re: sessions/cookies issues with postgres

From: Mortimer Cladwell
Subject: Re: Re: sessions/cookies issues with postgres
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2020 16:31:16 -0500

Hi Nala,
One issue I see with Postgres is that double quotes are not allowed in SQL statements eg:

postgres=> select * from Sessions  where sid="6ec92c0efde92a4837843cbfd77ee3ca" and valid="1" limit 1 ;
ERROR:  column "6ec92c0efde92a4837843cbfd77ee3ca" does not exist
LINE 1: select * from Sessions  where sid="6ec92c0efde92a4837843cbfd...
postgres=> select * from Sessions  where sid='6ec92c0efde92a4837843cbfd77ee3ca' and valid='1' limit 1 ;
               sid                | data |            expires            |  client   | valid
 6ec92c0efde92a4837843cbfd77ee3ca | ()   | Mon, 02 Nov 2020 22:19:33 GMT | |     1
(1 row)

So I think that means #:auth and #:session are not usable with Postgres

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