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Re: Possible MySQL Bug

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: Re: Possible MySQL Bug
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 01:35:38 +0800
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Hi Jaft!

Jaft writes:

> Unrelated, I looking to delete some rows from a table with FPRM but (if I've 
> read the source code correctly) it looks like such functionality doesn't 
> currently exist. I was thinking to try putting together a pull-request to 
> help but ran into a few inquiries.
> It didn't seem to make sense to add the functionality to make-table-dropper 
> since that function seems more about dropping or deleting tables, 
> specifically (rather than rows); likewise for make-table-modifier, since it 
> seemed more about modifying the structure of tables, rather than the data 
> contained in tables. Not make-table-getter, for obvious reasons, and, while 
> make-table-setter seemed the most similar, setting data isn't quite the same 
> as deleting it.
> So, I figured, just make a new function called make-table-deleter but it 
> seemed like a lot of the inner functions – or, at least, the logic employed – 
> for such a function would be similar to and have a lot of overlap with 
> make-table-setter, creating some redundancy.
> Heh, so I figured I'd inquire here; would it be helpful for me to try putting 
> together a PR, any? Or were you holding off on implementing this 
> functionality (in which case, not a good idea for a PR)? And, if otherwise, 
> is there any preferred way or direction you'd want for the code of such a PR 
> to be handled?
> Jonathan

I think what you're looking for is make-table-modifier, however, the
delete operation is missing somehow, I may forgot to add it. So a PR is
The modifications in mysql/postgresql/sqlite3 are different, so we have
to take care of them. Please follow the similar pattern of the
definition inside make-table-modifier.

The FPRM is still experimental and not well tested yet, but I encourage
you to report any exceptions.

BTW, you don't have to create a modifer with this contructor, the preferred way
is to create a table mapping with (map-table-from-DB rc/conn), and pass
'mod as the first argument for calling modifier.

Best regards.

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