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Re: The roadmap to artanis-0.5+

From: Jérémy Korwin-Zmijowski
Subject: Re: The roadmap to artanis-0.5+
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2020 09:53:16 +0200
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Hey Nala !

That's the anounce I was waiting for haha !
Can't wait to use Artanis with Guix and Guile3 + TLS support.

I'm also trying out Guile Hall to handle Artanis projects (it's next release should bring better support for Artanis file types)

Thank you, have a good day !


Le 17 octobre 2020 17:30:13 GMT+02:00, Nala Ginrut <> a écrit :

Hi folks!
Long time no release, so let me make it brief:

1. We're going to support guile3, however, the record type in guile3 is
incompatible with guile2.2. I plan to hug guile3 since 0.5. It means you
can't use guile2.2 for artanis-0.5+.
There's a branch named guile3 in artanis repo. I've tested it in
docker, and it works fine.
I'm not so hurry to merge guile3 branch, but I hope more people can try
it, and give me feedbacks. We can delay the merge to 0.5 release.

2. Since artanis-0.5, we're going to add more crypto stuffs based on
libnss (Network Security Services). This may include the TLS support
(both server and client). We've replaced all the Scheme HMAC
implementetion with libnss APIs since 0.4.1.
I think libnss has better quality than existing related libs, include
gnutls. Of course, libnss has too many things, we just pick something
useful for us.

3. I've been enjoying Guix for two months. It has better experience
compared to before. I'd like to recommend it to you all. And, of course,
we're going to fully support Guix in our next couple of releases. Guix
is good for us to build community. You can contribute your
extensions/plugins of Artanis to Guix repo, and folks can reuse them.
However, the original Guix may have more strict review rules. I think we
can make our own channel.

Comments are welcome, please correct me if I was wrong.
Best regards.

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