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Re: Possible MySQL Bug

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: Re: Possible MySQL Bug
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2020 01:24:49 +0800
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Sorry for late reply!

Jaft writes:

> Ah; that makes sense. I wasn't sure if Artanis offered a built-in mechanism, 
> like Ruby on Rails; thanks for clarifying!
> One thing I had been wondering, previously, is if there's any way to
> store global variables that every file would have access to? I
> remember (way back, though) I tried defining variables in the ENTRY
> file but found that my controllers weren't able to recognize that such
> a variable had been defined.

You may define your globals in lib/ of the app directory, as a
standalone module. To my experience, put all your globals in a specific
module is a common design pattern in Scheme. Usually, I name it env.scm, you may
see a file in this name in almost all my serious projects.

> I'd figure that'd have use if, say, going the hash-table route and then being 
> able to access that session data from any, say, controller.
> Is there, also, any way to have Artanis run commands on every quit? I was 
> looking at Guile Redis and it dawned on me that quiting Artanis would quit 
> without closing the Redis connection; but, if you could set commands to run 
> on quit, you could just have Artanis close the connection on every quit that 
> way.

Yes, it's (run-when-sigint! proc), the proc is a thunk, say, it's
a nullary function. You may put it to ENTRY.

These hooks are added since last release, so they'll appear in the doc
in next release.

Best regards.

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