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Re: Art draw controller

From: Nala Ginrut
Subject: Re: Art draw controller
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 2020 00:43:09 +0800
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Hi Michael!

Michael Vehrs writes:

> When you define a controller with "art draw controller", how do you
> request a database connection or a regex url or an url with parameters?

There're several ways to use DB in Artanis. Now that you use MVC, then
you may create a model now:
art draw model your_prefer_table_name
Let's say you have made a table named "article", now you should modify
                                                    (id auto (#:not-null 
                                            (title char-field (#:maxlen 30 
                                  (date char-field (#:maxlen 8))                
                   (content text))
Please notice that if the table doesn't exist, then the model system
will create it for you by the definition you gave.

If the DB name is correctly specified in conf/artanis.conf,
then you can just import (app models people) in your controller, and use
$article (the $ will be added by the model generator automatically) to control 
the people table:
($article 'set #:title "hello" #:content "hello world")
;; or query
($article 'get #:columns '(content) #:condition (where #:title "hello"))

For example in app/controllers/article.scm:
(define-artanis-controller article) ; DO NOT REMOVE THIS LINE!!!
(use-modules (app models article)
(srfi srfi-1))

(lambda (rc)
($article 'set #:title (params rc "title")
#:content (params rc "content"))

                                                    (lambda (rc)                
                         (fold (lambda (x p)                                    
     ((h1 ,(params rc "title"))                                                 
,(assoc-ref x "content")))))                                                    
                                          ($article 'get #:columns '(content)   
                                     #:condition (where #:title (params rc 

run 'art work -d'
-d means enbale DB, or you may enable "db.enable=true" in conf/artanis.conf

Now you can visit:
curl "localhost:3000/article/add/hello/hello world"
curl localhost:3000/article/show/hello

I've taken a glance at the manual, and I have to apologize that I forget
to add Model chapter. I'm too busy these days, on my startup
I'll do my best to make more tutorials on blogs and YouTube this year.

Best regards.

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