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[Antiright-devel] antiright doc/gtkshell.1 gtkshell/option_options.c

From: Jeffrey Bedard
Subject: [Antiright-devel] antiright doc/gtkshell.1 gtkshell/option_options.c
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2007 22:12:14 +0000

CVSROOT:        /sources/antiright
Module name:    antiright
Changes by:     Jeffrey Bedard <jefbed> 07/03/09 22:12:14

Modified files:
        doc            : gtkshell.1 
        gtkshell       : option_options.c 

Log message:
        Updated gtkshell manual page.  


Index: doc/gtkshell.1
RCS file: /sources/antiright/antiright/doc/gtkshell.1,v
retrieving revision 1.4
retrieving revision 1.5
diff -u -b -r1.4 -r1.5
--- doc/gtkshell.1      25 Feb 2007 21:33:11 -0000      1.4
+++ doc/gtkshell.1      9 Mar 2007 22:12:14 -0000       1.5
@@ -1,25 +1,40 @@
+.DD March 9, 2007
 .TH gtkshell 1
 gtkshell \- invocation configurable GUI shell
 .B gtkshell
-.B [-a[[e 
+.B [[-a[[e 
-.B ][I 
-command icon
-.B ][i 
-command/label icon
 .B ][l 
-.B ][t
+.B ]PT[t
-.B ]Tu[[l
+.B ]u[[l
 .B ][p
-.B ]]]d[DdeFfi]ho[Eefghnru]][
+.B ]]]] [-d[acDd[e
+.B ]Ff[i 
+.B ]s[w
+.B ]]] [-o[Eefghn[r
+.B ][u
+.B ]]]] [
-.B ]
+.B ] [
+.B [,
+.B ][::
+.B [,
+.B ][...]]] [...]
 .I gtkshell
 is a GUI shell that is defined at its invocation through command line 
@@ -30,140 +45,144 @@
 for providing a user interface for shell scripts.  
 .I ACE 
 is such a script, defining the AntiRight environment and its core logic. 
+A non option argument in its most basic form creats a button which launches
+the command passed.  The last word is used as a label.  Use the underscore (_)
+character to indicate whitespace in the label.  
+.B \-ae file
+Adds a text viewer widget, showing
+.B file
+in the text buffer.
+.B \-al label
+Adds a label with
+.B label
+as its text.
+.B \-aP
+Adds a text area with contents derived from a pipe.  The output of a command
+piped into gtkshell with this option will be shown in a text area.
+.B \-aT 
+Adds an empty text area.
+.B \-at [command]
+Adds a text field.  Text entered is passed as an argument of
+.B command.
+If command is not specified and this is the last option specified,
+.I echo
+is used as the default command.  If you wish to use the
+.I echo
+behavior while not having this as the last option, either pass the
+.I echo
+command or specify option
+.B \-oE.  
+If option
+.B \-oe
+is passed, 
+.I gtkshell 
+exits on completion of text entry.
-.B \-\-help
-Shows the command line help information.
+.B \-aul command
+Adds an updating label.
+.B command
+is executed repeatedly, at a rate determined by the
+.B \-ou
+option.  The standard output of the command is displayed in a label.
+.B \-aup command
+Adds an updating progress bar.  The command must output a floating point value
+between 0 and 1.  
+.B \-aw
+Adds a new window.  Widgets added after this option will be added to this
+.B \-da
+Displays an output dialog.  Note:
+.I gtkshell
+exits after dialogs are closed.
-.B \-a
-Adds a widget.  Secondary option
-.B I
-adds an icon button, with
-.I label
-as both label and command and 
-.I icon
-as the xbm or xpm icon to be displayed.  Secondary option
-.B i
-adds an icon button, with
-.I command
-.I icon
-as the xbm or xpm icon to be displayed.  Secondary option
-.B C
-adds a color selector.  Secondary option 
-.B c
-adds a clockload/mailcheck applet.  Secondary option
-.B D
-adds a dialog.  Tertiary option
-.B F
-adds a font selector.  Tertiary option
-.B f
-adds a file selector.  Tertiary option
-.B m
-adds a message box and takes 
-.I label 
-as an argument.  The label will be displayed as the message.  Tertiary option
-.B p
-adds a prompt and takes 
-.I label 
-as an argument.  The label is displayed as the prompt to the user.  In the
-text field that this creates, the user is to enter the requested information.
-Once the information is entered, it is echoed to the console, where it can be
-further processed.  Secondary option
-.B i
-adds an icon button with
-.I label
-as its undisplayed command and 
-.I icon
-as the xbm or xpm icon to be displayed.  Secondary option
-.B l
-adds a label with 
-.I label
-as its value.  Secondary option
-.B m
-adds a menu bar if specified alone.  All tertiary arguments to this argument
-.I label
-as a mandatory argument, as the command and label of the added button.  
-.B f
-adds a button to the file menu.  Tertiary argument
-.B e
-adds a button to the edit menu.  Tertiary argument
-.B v
-adds a button to the view menu.  Tertiary argument
-.B h
-adds a button to the help menu.  Secondary argument
-.B s
-adds a status bar to the bottom of the application window.  Secondary argument
-.B t
-adds a text field, with
-.I label
-as the mandatory prompt to the user.  Pressing return in such a field will 
-cause the prompt, followed by the entered text, to be echoed to the console.  
-The prompt is echoed to allow a means of identification of the field from 
-which the entered text originated.  Secondary argument
-.B w
-adds a scrolled text work area, with a toolbar, to the application window and
-changes the properties of a previously added menubar to be suitable for text
-.B \-E
-Makes it so that a button press cause the gtkshell to exit after the action 
-the button is performed.  
-.B \-f
-This loads and parses the interface definition contained within
-.I file.
-This feature is only available if yetanotherclib is installed.  
-.B \-p
-Creates a work area, if necessary, and accepts input from a pipe, placing it 
-in the work area.  
-.B \-r 
-Sets the number of button rows in the application window to 
-.I rows.
-.B \-t
-Forces tooltips to be used, even if the the overrideRedirect resource is 
-set to True.  
-.B \-U
-If used alone, causes
-.I command
-to be run every second, its output displayed in a status area.  Secondary
-.B f
-causes updating to be performed every
-.I frequency
-miliseconds.  Other secondary arguments require 
-.I command
-to be specified.  Secondary argument 
-.B L
-causes a label to be created in which the output of a command is displayed at 
-a regular frequency.  Secondary argument 
-.B P
-causes a progress bar to be created in which the value echoed by the run
-command, which must be in between 0 and 100, is displayed graphically.  This is
-useful for load meters and progress dialogs, for example.  Secondary argument
-.B T 
-casues a work area to be used to display the regularly executed command.  
-Secondary argument 
-.B W
-casues the regularly executed command to be displayed in the window titlebar.  
-.B \-W
-Sets the window title and the text area filename of piped in text to 
-.I label.  
-Any other arguments, if not specified as options, are set as buttons.  The text
-entered becomes both the label and the command for a button.  Only the last 
-of this entered command is taken as a label, allowing the labels to be better
-formatted, and thus more aesthetically pleasing.
+.B \-dc
+Displays a color selection dialog.  The selected color is printed to standard
+.B \-dD
+Displays a directory creation dialog, based on the GTK file chooser.  Once the
+user enters a directory name and presses the OK button, the directory will be
+created if it does not exist and the name of the directory will be printed to
+standard output.  This should be used for explicit directory creation
+.B \-dd
+Displays a directory selection dialog.  The functionality of this dialog is the
+same as the directory creation dialog, except that it is missing the 'Create 
in folder' combo box.  This should be used when you are pretty sure that a 
directory will already exist.
+.B \-de message
+Displays an error dialog, with
+.B message
+as its text.
+.B \-dF
+Displays a font selection dialog.  The selected font is in fontconfig format,
+and is displayed to standard output.
+.B \-df
+Displays a standard file selection dialog.  The selected file is displayed to
+standard output.
+.B \-di message
+Displays an information dialog, with
+.B message
+as its text.
+.B \-ds
+Displays a file save dialog.  The selected file is displayed to standard 
+This is appropriate for saving a file which is already open to a different name
+or for saving a file not yet saved.
+.B \-dw message
+Displays a warning dialog with
+.B message
+as its text.
+.B \-oE
+Make a text entry only print the text to standard output, rather than executing
+a command.
+.B \-oe
+Make command execution callbacks exit on activation.  This includes buttons and
+text fields.
+.B \-of
+Use framed labels.
+.B \-og geometry
+.B geometry
+for primary application window.
+.B \-oh
+Use vertical labels, i.e., with a vertical horizontal base for text direction.
+.B \-on
+Use undecorated main window.
+.B \-or number
+.B number
+rows in grid layout.
+.B \-ou miliseconds
+Specify refresh frequency of updater widgets.
 gtkshell was written by Jeffrey Bedard <address@hidden>.  
 Report bugs to <address@hidden>
-Copyright 2002-2006, Jeffrey E. Bedard
+Copyright 2002-2007, Jeffrey E. Bedard
 This  is  free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO 

Index: gtkshell/option_options.c
RCS file: /sources/antiright/antiright/gtkshell/option_options.c,v
retrieving revision 1.12
retrieving revision 1.13
diff -u -b -r1.12 -r1.13
--- gtkshell/option_options.c   2 Mar 2007 03:56:07 -0000       1.12
+++ gtkshell/option_options.c   9 Mar 2007 22:12:14 -0000       1.13
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
        switch (argv[(*counter)][2])
-       case 'E':               /* Make a text entry simpley print the
+       case 'E':               /* Make a text entry simply print the
                                 * text.  */
                gsh->bflags |= GSH_PROMPT_ECHOES;

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