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[Antiright-devel] antiright/src ACE

From: Jeffrey Bedard
Subject: [Antiright-devel] antiright/src ACE
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 05:22:25 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/antiright
Module name:    antiright
Changes by:     Jeffrey Bedard <address@hidden> 05/07/07 09:22:24

Modified files:
        src            : ACE 

Log message:
        Implemented the panel in 6-row format.


Index: antiright/src/ACE
diff -u antiright/src/ACE:1.48 antiright/src/ACE:1.49
--- antiright/src/ACE:1.48      Thu Jul  7 08:20:52 2005
+++ antiright/src/ACE   Thu Jul  7 09:22:24 2005
@@ -219,15 +219,15 @@
     if [ "$(ACE is_clocked)" = "1" ]; then
        echo " -Ac\\" >> /tmp/ACE.$$
-    echo " -UL 'ACE -A Juke_Song' -r 4 'ACE -A Play_Next \# Play' 'ACE Lock' 
-Ai 'ACE Note' $arbmdir/sticky.xpm -Ai 'ACE Calculator' $arbmdir/calculator.xpm 
'ACE -A Stop' 'ACE A.C.E.' -Ai 'ACE File_Manager' $arbmdir/folder.xpm -Ai 'ACE 
-A File_System_Panel File_Systems' $arbmdir/disk.xpm\\" >> /tmp/ACE.$$ 
+    echo " -UL 'ACE -A Juke_Song' -r 6 'ACE -A Play_Next \# Play' 'ACE Lock' 
'ACE -A Alarm' -Ai 'ACE Note' $arbmdir/sticky.xpm -Ai 'ACE Calculator' 
$arbmdir/calculator.xpm -Ai 'ACE Background' $arbmdir/palate.xpm 'ACE -A Stop' 
'ACE A.C.E.' 'ACE -A killdesk Close' -Ai 'ACE File_Manager' $arbmdir/folder.xpm 
-Ai 'ACE -A File_System_Panel File_Systems' $arbmdir/disk.xpm -Ai 'ACE Mail' 
$arbmdir/mail.xpm\\" >> /tmp/ACE.$$ 
     PAGED=$(ACE is_paged)
     if [ "$PAGED" = "1" ]; then
-       echo " 'vdesk 1' 'vdesk 2' -Ai 'ACE Terminal' $arbmdir/terminal.xpm -Ai 
'ACE Load_Meter' $arbmdir/meter.xpm 'vdesk 3' 'vdesk 4' -Ai 'ACE Editor' 
"'$arbmdir/text_editor.xpm'" -Ai 'ACE Browser' $arbmdir/www.xpm 'ACE -A Alarm' 
'ACE -A killdesk # Close' -Ai 'ACE Background' $arbmdir/palate.xpm -Ai 'ACE 
Mail' $arbmdir/mail.xpm\\" >> /tmp/ACE.$$
+       echo " 'vdesk 1' 'vdesk 2' 'ACE Cal' -Ai 'ACE Terminal' 
$arbmdir/terminal.xpm -Ai 'ACE Load_Meter' $arbmdir/meter.xpm -Ai 'ACE -A 
Settings' $arbmdir/settings.xpm 'vdesk 3' 'vdesk 4' 'ACE Run' -Ai 'ACE Editor' 
$arbmdir/text_editor.xpm -Ai 'ACE Browser' $arbmdir/www.xpm -Ai 'ACE CD_Player' 
$arbmdir/music.xpm\\" >> /tmp/ACE.$$
-       echo " 'ACE -A Pause' 'ACE -A Resume' -Ai 'ACE Terminal' 
$arbmdir/terminal.xpm -Ai 'ACE Load_Meter' $arbmdir/meter.xpm 'afract & # 
Fractals' 'pongr & # PONGr' -Ai 'ACE Editor' $arbmdir/text_editor.xpm -Ai 'ACE 
Browser' $arbmdir/www.xpm 'ACE -A Alarm' 'ACE -A killdesk Close' -Ai 'ACE 
Background' $arbmdir/palate.xpm -Ai 'ACE Mail' $arbmdir/mail.xpm\\" >> 
+       echo " 'ACE -A Pause' 'ACE -A Resume' 'ACE Cal' -Ai 'ACE Terminal' 
$arbmdir/terminal.xpm -Ai 'ACE Load_Meter' $arbmdir/meter.xpm -Ai 'ACE -A 
Settings' $arbmdir/settings.xpm 'afract & # Fractals' 'pongr & # PONGr' 'ACE 
Run' -Ai 'ACE Editor' $arbmdir/text_editor.xpm -Ai 'ACE Browser' 
$arbmdir/www.xpm -Ai 'ACE CD_Player' $arbmdir/music.xpm\\" >> /tmp/ACE.$$
-    echo " 'ACE Cal' 'ACE Run' -Ai 'ACE -A Settings' $arbmdir/settings.xpm -Ai 
'ACE CD_Player' $arbmdir/music.xpm -geometry $GEOMETRY -xrm '*marginHeight: 0' 
-xrm '*marginWidth: 0' -xrm '*spacing: 0' -xrm '*XmPushButton.marginWidth: 2'  
-xrm 'AntiRight.borderWidth: 1' -xrm '*overrideRedirect: True' -l &" >> 
+    echo " -geometry $GEOMETRY -xrm '*marginHeight: 0' -xrm '*marginWidth: 0' 
-xrm '*spacing: 0' -xrm '*XmPushButton.marginWidth: 2'  -xrm 
'AntiRight.borderWidth: 1' -xrm '*overrideRedirect: True' -l &" >> /tmp/ACE.$$
     chmod +x /tmp/ACE.$$
     rm -f /tmp/ACE.$$

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