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[Antiright-devel] antiright ChangeLog

From: Jeffrey Bedard
Subject: [Antiright-devel] antiright ChangeLog
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 21:58:37 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/antiright
Module name:    antiright
Changes by:     Jeffrey Bedard <address@hidden> 04/08/28 01:50:10

Modified files:
        .              : ChangeLog 

Log message:
        Updated for AntiRight 2.1 release.


Index: antiright/ChangeLog
diff -u antiright/ChangeLog:1.39 antiright/ChangeLog:1.40
--- antiright/ChangeLog:1.39    Mon Aug  9 22:54:39 2004
+++ antiright/ChangeLog Sat Aug 28 01:50:10 2004
@@ -1,3 +1,157 @@
+2004-08-28  Jeffrey Bedard  <address@hidden>
+       * src/ACE:
+       Removed Read_Mail() and Write_Mail().  Renamed "Close" label of cd 
player to "Exit".
+       * src/arcd/arcd.c, src/arshell/arguments.c, src/arshell/arguments.h, 
src/arshell/arshell.h, src/arshell/interface_file.c, 
src/arshell/interface_file.h,, configure:
+       Added support for interface files using yetanotherclib's parsing 
functions.  The file format is that of a standard yaclib parser input file, its 
grammar defined in interface_file.c.
+2004-08-26  Jeffrey Bedard  <address@hidden>
+       * src/arcd/arcd.c: Removed non-functional arcd_status().
+2004-08-25  Jeffrey Bedard  <address@hidden>
+       * COPYING,, README, lib/edit.c, lib/edit.h, lib/library.h, 
lib/popup.c, lib/window.c, src/ACE, src/AntiRight, src/arshell/arshell-util.c, 
src/arshell/dialog.c, src/arshell/file.c, src/arshell/menubar.c, 
src/arshell/search.c, src/arshell/textedit.h:
+       Added comment and uncomment features.  Refined edit menu appearance by 
separating relevent items.  The toolbar widget was removed and the toolbar 
buttons are now simply created right on top of arshell.layout.row_manager 
instead.  Debug messages were removed.  No changes were made to COPYING, it was 
just replaced with exactly the same file.  Convenience functions were added to 
the popup menu, allowing certain predefined text clippings to be inserted and 
code to be quickly be commented and uncommented.
+       * configure: Fixed bug in which MAKE is defined as $CC.
+2004-08-23  Jeffrey Bedard  <address@hidden>
+       * configure, lib/button.c, lib/library.h, lib/menubar.c, lib/window.c, 
src/ACE, src/arcd/arcd.c, src/arshell/arguments.c, src/arshell/arshell.c, 
src/arshell/arshell.h, src/arshell/dialog.c, src/arshell/menubar.c, 
src/arshell/search.c, src/arshell/textedit.c, src/arshell/textedit.h, 
src/arshell/update.c, src/arshell/update.h:
+       Added an IGNORE CASE option to the search and replace dialog.  Changed 
the updating code to use a linked list to store updaters, allowing an 
indefinite amount of such.  Fixed a scope issue with the pixmap transparency 
+2004-08-20  Jeffrey Bedard  <address@hidden>
+       * src/bitmaps/README.aicons, src/bitmaps/README.gnomexpm:
+       Updated copying information.
+       * doc/antiright.lsm: Updated to represent current project information.
+2004-08-19  Jeffrey Bedard  <address@hidden>
+       * src/arshell/arshell-util.c:
+       Updated the usage text to show currently supported arguments.
+       * src/AR, src/arshell/arshell.h, src/arshell/update.c, doc/ACE.1, 
+       Autodetection of the window manager was added to AR.  Updating of the 
title bar and the work area was added to update.c.  An updating flag was added 
to the flags structure in arshell.h for future use.  A manual page for arshell 
was written.
+       * lib/menubar.c, src/AntiRight, src/arshell/dialog.c, 
src/arshell/textedit.c, src/bitmaps/www.xpm, COPYING,, README, 
configure, doc/README, lib/button.c, lib/library.h:
+       Moved README to root of source tree.  Added a games menu and renamed 
the "Popular Applications" menu to the "Applications" menu.  Restored the 
www.xpm icon as it is easilly corruptable by modifications.
+2004-08-18  Jeffrey Bedard  <address@hidden>
+       * lib/menubar.c: Re-added the popular applications menu.
+       * configure:
+       The resource directory is now determined automatically.  The icon 
directory is set.  The version has been changed to 2.1.
+       * src/AR:
+       Added the ability to customize the window manager used.  If 
WINDOWMANAGER is not set, mwm is used.  If mwm is not available, twm is used as 
a last resort.
+2004-08-17  Jeffrey Bedard  <address@hidden>
+       * src/arshell/file.c:
+       Fixed a bug that was causing files to be overwritten by the contents of 
the previously opened file.
+2004-08-16  Jeffrey Bedard  <address@hidden>
+       * src/ACE: Changed to use www.xpm icon instead of netscape.xpm.
+       * src/bitmaps/www.xpm:
+       Added www.xpm and its corresponding copyright and GPL notice from 
+       * lib/menubar.c:
+       Separated the manual menu definition in its own function.
+       * configure: Only define -D_GNU_SOURCE, not including -D__USE_GNU.
+       * src/ACE: Removed memory-hungry desktop.
+       * src/bitmaps/README.aicons, src/bitmaps/README.gnomexpm, 
src/bitmaps/close.xpm, src/bitmaps/copy.xpm, src/bitmaps/cut.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/fileserver.xpm, src/bitmaps/handtoface.xpm, src/bitmaps/help.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/home.xpm, src/bitmaps/index.xpm, src/bitmaps/jump_to.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/kcalc.xpm, src/bitmaps/kcoloredit.xpm, src/bitmaps/kcontrol.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/kedit.xpm, src/bitmaps/kfm.xpm, src/bitmaps/knotes.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/kscd.xpm, src/bitmaps/ksysguard.xpm, src/bitmaps/left_arrow.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/new.xpm, src/bitmaps/open.xpm, src/bitmaps/paste.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/preferences.xpm, src/bitmaps/print.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/right_arrow.xpm, src/bitmaps/save.xpm, src/bitmaps/saveas.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/search.xpm, src/bitmaps/spell.xpm, src/bitmaps/term.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/undo.xpm, src/bitmaps/up_arrow.xpm:
+       Added.  Added 3 icons from the aicons package.  Added the icons from my 
gnomexpm package. Added 7 kde icons.
+       * src/bitmaps/barchart.xpm, src/bitmaps/calculate.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/cdrom.xpm, src/bitmaps/colormap.xpm, src/bitmaps/disks.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/earth.xpm, src/bitmaps/edit.xpm, src/bitmaps/filing.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/lightning.xpm, src/bitmaps/note2.xpm, src/bitmaps/notebook.xpm, 
+       Removed pixmaps.
+       * COPYING,, configure, doc/README, lib/button.c, 
lib/label.c, lib/label.h, lib/library.h, lib/status.c, lib/window.c, 
lib/window.h, src/ACE, src/AntiRight, src/arshell/arguments.c, 
src/arshell/arshell.h, src/arshell/dialog.c, src/arshell/file.c, 
src/arshell/file.h, src/arshell/main.c, src/arshell/menubar.c, 
src/arshell/search.c, src/arshell/search.h, src/arshell/textedit.c, 
src/arshell/textedit.h, src/bitmaps/barchart.xpm, src/bitmaps/calculate.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/cdrom.xpm, src/bitmaps/colormap.xpm, src/bitmaps/disks.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/earth.xpm, src/bitmaps/edit.xpm, src/bitmaps/filing.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/lightning.xpm, src/bitmaps/mail.xpm, src/bitmaps/note2.xpm, 
src/bitmaps/notebook.xpm, src/bitmaps/tools.xpm, src/bitmaps/xterm.xpm:
+       Pixmap icons were added.  A unified search and replace dialog was added 
to the text editor.   A series of pixmap/bitmap convenience functions were 
added.  Label-less icon buttons were added to arshell, invoked by the -Ai 
option.  Various pixmaps were added.  Find at cursor, find selected, revert 
file, insert file, select all, and show/hide toolbar features were added.  The 
line counter in the status bar of the text editor was fixed, giving an accurate 
line count.  A font selector was added and is usable for changing the font of 
the work area.
+2004-08-13  Jeffrey Bedard  <address@hidden>
+       * src/arshell/menubar.c:
+       Refactored arshell_setup_work_menubar(), extracting 
arshell_setup_editor_toolbar() and arshell_hide_sticky_note_toolbar().  The 
test for a non-NULL menubar now tests the menubar widget rather than the file 
menu widget.
+       *, src/arshell/arshell.h, src/arshell/file.c, 
src/arshell/file.h, src/arshell/menubar.c, src/arshell/menubar.h, 
src/arshell/search.c, src/arshell/search.h, src/arshell/textedit.c, 
+       Functions have been split from textedit.c into menubar.c, file.c, and 
+       * lib/button.c, lib/help.c, lib/library.c, lib/library.h, 
lib/menubar.c, src/arshell/arshell.h, src/arshell/layout.c, 
src/arshell/layout.h, src/arshell/textedit.c, src/arshell/textedit.h, 
+       Added structures to their appropriate headers from arshell.h.  A 
tighter layout for rows and buttons is now used.  A warning was fixed in 
lib/menubar.c  and in lib/help.c.  antiright_get_values() was added to 
+       * lib/util.c:
+       Added antiright_delete_range() and antiright_insert_string().
+       * src/arshell/textedit.c: Added arshell_find_at_cursor_cb().
+       * src/arshell/textedit.c: Added file insertion feature.
+       * configure: Changed -D__GNU_SOURCE to -D_GNU_SOURCE.
+2004-08-12  Jeffrey Bedard  <address@hidden>
+       * src/ACE: Added menubar to top of filemanager window.
+       * src/AR: The Desktop_Lite feature is now started by default.
+       * src/ACE:
+       Improved aesthetics of Desktop_Lite panel.  This is to be the default 
desktop icon facility, as the other uses too much memory.
+       * src/ACE:
+       Made desktop icons flush to background and centered label alignment.
+       * src/arshell/util.c, src/arshell/util.h: Removed.
+       *, src/ACE: Nothing new to report.
+2004-08-11  Jeffrey Bedard  <address@hidden>
+       * src/ACE:
+       Added Desktop_Lite(), a lightweight version of the desktop icon 
+       * src/ACE:
+       Added a new desktop icon feature.  A low memory variant will soon be 
created, with only one arshell instance used.
+       * src/ACE: The launcher code now uses arshell prompt dialog features.
+2004-08-09  Jeffrey Bedard  <address@hidden>
+       * ChangeLog: Updated for 2.0.
+       * src/arshell/textedit.c:
+       Changed "Find and Replace" dialog to use a message dialog.
+       * configure: Changed version to 2.0.
+       *, doc/TODO, lib/library.c, lib/library.h, lib/window.c, 
src/arshell/antiright.xbm, src/arshell/arguments.c, src/arshell/arguments.h, 
src/arshell/arshell-util.c, src/arshell/arshell-util.h, src/arshell/arshell.c, 
src/arshell/arshell.h, src/arshell/dialog.c, src/arshell/layout.c, 
src/arshell/layout.h, src/arshell/main.c, src/arshell/main.h, 
src/arshell/menubar.c, src/arshell/menubar.h, src/arshell/update.c, 
src/arshell/update.h, src/system.antiright:
+       Checkin for AntiRight 2.0.
+       * src/arshell/dialog.h: Updated prototypes.
+       * lib/util.c:
+       Removed unused variable command_string in antiright_beautified_label().
+       * lib/status.c: Returned the created status bar.
+       * src/arshell/arguments.h, src/arshell/arshell-util.c, 
src/arshell/arshell-util.h, src/arshell/arshell.c, src/arshell/arshell.h, 
src/arshell/dialog.c, src/arshell/dialog.h, src/arshell/textedit.c:
+       Added new dialog code.  Added better updating code to arshell, 
including updating of labels and updating of progress bars.
+       * src/arshell/arguments.c:
+       Added arshell_handle_dialog_arguments() call to the construction 
argument handler switch statement.
+       * src/ACE:
+       Added check for old ~/.antiright versions.  Adjusted code to use new 
dialog features of arshell.
 2004-08-09  Jeffrey Bedard  <address@hidden>
        * src/arshell/textedit.c:

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