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[Antiright-devel] [task #3386] Add new text editing features.

From: Jeffrey Bedard
Subject: [Antiright-devel] [task #3386] Add new text editing features.
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 20:38:54 -0400
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[task #3386] Latest Modifications:

Changes by: 
                Jeffrey Bedard <address@hidden>
                Fri 08/13/2004 at 00:34 (US/Eastern)

            What     | Removed                   | Added
Should be Finished on | Thu 08/12/2004 at 00:00   | Fri 08/20/2004 at 00:00
         Assigned to | None                      | jefbed
    Percent Complete | 0%                        | 10%

[task #3386] Full Item Snapshot:

URL: <>
Project: AntiRight Desktop Environment
Submitted by: Jeffrey Bedard
On: Thu 08/12/2004 at 05:36

Should Start On:  Thu 08/12/2004 at 00:00
Should be Finished on:  Fri 08/20/2004 at 00:00
Category:  None
Priority:  6
Resolution:  None
Assigned to:  jefbed
Percent Complete:  10%
Status:  Open
Effort:  0.00

Summary:  Add new text editing features.  

Original Submission:  Add an insert file feature.  Add a find selected feature. 
 Add an insert command feature.  Add project build menu options (can probably 
be done in ACE, but may be better in submenu defined in textedit.c).  Add a 
goto line feature. The current line can be found by counting instances of 'n'.  
If this is implemented, a current line/column count can also be implemented, 
along with a document statistics dialog.   Add a backup on open feature and an 
incremental backup feature (using Xt timer).  Add a windows menu that allows 
switching between work files (saves current, opens new on switch).  Add a 
hungry delete feature.  Add a find next feature, which finds the next instance 
of the word on which the cursor is placed. Bind to an accelerator.   Add a 
revert file feature.  Add a font selection dialog to change the *fontList value 
of the work area.  Add a case conversion feature, allowing slected text to be 
made either all upper case or all lower case. 
Store previous find/replace queries and use insert them into the search and 
find/replace fields if the up key is pressed (traverse a yaclib list).  Add a 
wrap option to the find/replace and search dialogs.  Add an undo feature.  Add 
a text filling feature (to prevent text from going beyond the 80 char limit).  

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