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[Anarchdb-devel] conviction

From: Meshee
Subject: [Anarchdb-devel] conviction
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 13:53:44 +0100


Conviction is a new card type. It is played in the untap phase, so it is an "untap" card, not a master or minion or discard (event) card. During your untap phase, you may play 1 conviction on each of your imbued. You may play these conviction cards from your hand or from your ash heap. When an imbued enters play with no conviction, he may gain 1 conviction from your library, hand or ash heap. In addition to their own effects, conviction cards may be spent (burned) to pay the conviction costs which some cards require. Each imbued has a limit of 5 conviction. Any conviction gained above five is burned instead.

so regarding ardb we got a new card type... no big deal here afik. 

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