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[Anarchdb-devel] database layout questions?

From: Meshee
Subject: [Anarchdb-devel] database layout questions?
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 21:41:26 +0100

Heya there, i did lies to you earlier... i did dive in the code base.

Here is the result of my work:
a sql database schema of the core tables.

As i did build the DB schema it raises some questions, if you guys
could help me  answering theme it would be much appreciate:

* *cards_names* -- table i do not understand what this table stand
for. It looks like an attempt to have ALL cards in the same tables but
i do not see the point. As a result it just add a level of indirection
in the DB schema. The card_table field is the most mysterious.

* *cards_XX_ignored* -- once again i do not see the purpose of thoses
tables... missmatching cards during DB update?

* *cards_types* -- according to the <FK> this tables contains card
type (Action, Action Modifier etc) AND Vampire Clans O_O. Even if it
looks non problematic at first, merging concept in the same table if
prone to troubles on the long run. I wonder if something escape me?

* *disciplines* -- this table looks to not be related to anything
else, what does it stand for?

* *rarity_types* -- i just wonder how anarchdb handles multiple rarity
for a same card (Immortal Grapple)

* *url* -- what does this fielsd use to contains? my guess is card url. If i guess right monger allow a search per
name so may be it can be remove.

* *cards_crypt* -- i see many fields with similar purpose:
disciplines, inferior, superior, wha

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