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Re: [Anarchdb-devel] Building

From: Graham Smith
Subject: Re: [Anarchdb-devel] Building
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 08:08:14 +0000

> >
> >
> > Have not got detailed instructions yet.  But here are some to get you 
> > started:
> [...]
> Thanks for your work Graham.
> What's working or not working after you build ARDB using this method? Do
> you have any hints on what to focus on, or maybe a TODO list of some sort?

I do not have a todo list but when I built ARDB the deck builder
worked and I had card lists in it, but I did not get card lists in the
browser tabs, instead wxWindows would assert when it tried to display
the data grid controls because no data had been loaded into them.  I
could not work out where the data is loaded into the data grid.

Has anybody had any succes with my instructions?


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