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[Alsa-xmms-user] Alba wrote:

From: Alba Arredondo
Subject: [Alsa-xmms-user] Alba wrote:
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2006 18:34:52 -0120

Ever-Glory International (EGLY)

Current: O.79 (Up 33% on the week)
Projected: 1.3O
Rating: 5/5

The publicity blitz has begun!  The first of a week-long 
series of announcements was made Wednesday, giving us solid 
gains on Thursday.  The promotion is continuing with more 
great news expected, including a record earnings report!  
Here's the latest:

Ever-Glory International Group, a multinational enterprise 
specializing in garment manufacturing and exports, has 
expanded the scope of its business in 2006, wherein the 
first half of the year, completed orders from a single 
customer, C&A, totaled a staggering US$5.6 Million.

This is just ONE customer!  Many others have place large 
orders this quarter.
August 8th - 2mil$ order from Matalan
July 25th - 500k$ order from Debenhams
July 10th - 1mil$ order from OTTO

Please check all these figures with your favorite source.  
EGLY is the real deal!  We are expecting third quarter 
numbers to be out soon and are telling all of our members 
to take a position in before the data hits the street.  
These fortuitous figures are going to shock the market and 
send this one way up!
Give yourself the chance to come out WAY ahead here.  
Fortune favors the bold!
also news is
COLUMBIA, South Carolina (AP) -- Police found the bodies of a woman and two 
other adults inside a drainage pipe near a public housing complex early 
Thursday and said all appear to have been killed during the night.
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- U.S. troops showed their displeasure -- and sense of 
humor -- regarding Sen. John Kerry's comments this week to a group of 
California college students, whom he told to work hard in school or they'd "get 
stuck in Iraq."
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- President Bush launched a final drive Thursday to try 
to help Republicans maintain control of Congress, arguing that the United 
States must stay in Iraq despite the war's unpopularity.
SAN FERNANDO, California (AP) -- Former tabloid news darling Joey Buttafuoco 
was granted two more months of freedom by a judge who postponed the start of 
his one-year jail term for illegally possessing ammunition.
ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico (AP) -- Republican Rep. Heather Wilson has bested more 
than one tough opponent in her Democratic-leaning House district, where many 
voters depend on military and defense jobs.

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