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[Alsa-xmms-user] Josefina wrote:

From: Josefina Silver
Subject: [Alsa-xmms-user] Josefina wrote:
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 00:54:59 -0060

Great volume in the last couple days has sent our feature 
way up, and the big news isn't even out yet!  The 
interior scoop is that we are looking at record earnings! 
Tomorrow, November 2nd is going to be the last chance to 
take benefit of this incredible information.  

Current: O.69 (+13%) Insiders accumulating?
Projected: 1.3O
Rating: 5/5

Ever Glory International (EGLY) is involved in one of the 
most profitable areas of business these days, production in 
China. Quarter after quarter they show themselves as one of 
the top businesses in their sector.  Some recent quarterly 
$1 mil Profit in the first quarter
$778 k Profit in the second quarter 
August 8th - $2 mil order from Matalan
July 25th - $500 k order from Debenhams
July 10th - $1 mil order from OTTO

Please check all these figures with your favorite source.  
EGLY is the real deal!  We are expecting third quarter 
numbers to be out soon and are telling all of our members 
to take a position in EGLY before the data hits the street.  
These fortuitous figures are going to shock the market and 
send this one way up!
Give yourself the chance to come out WAY ahead here.  
Fortune favors the bold!

also news is
BOSTON, Massachusetts (AP) -- The cameras capture the young man walking down 
the stairs, reciting a monologue about the three things people should know 
about him: His favorite movie is "Gone with the Wind," he loves roller coasters 
and he hates when people don't take him seriously.
MOUNTAIN VIEW, California (AP) -- The search engine company Google wants 
Microsoft to make sure users can easily choose Internet search engines in 
future products.

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