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[Alsa-xmms-user] Uptick st-0cks Triple Play Stock

From: Jame Crosby
Subject: [Alsa-xmms-user] Uptick st-0cks Triple Play Stock
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 04:32:49 -0000

Vemics Announces $9M Acquisition of Nuscribe Which Brings Combined 
Technology To Change The Educational And Medical Industries!

Company: Vemics
Symbol: VMCI
Previus Close: $0.68
Price: $0.85
Status: Price Up 25% today
5 Day Target: $1.80

News started spreading today, price up 25%.

What these too companies do is amazing. VMCI provides technology that allow its 
customers to have completely interactive and live educational and conferencing 
solutions. In connection with eLearning Desktop they are already providing 
completely virtual educational programs and through EP Live Online they have 
hosted a live and completely interactive medical Forum to the world. 

NuScribe offers to over 600,000 medical professionals nation wide voice 
activated medical record creation and processing. This is virtually changing 
the medical industry for the speed and efficiency of medical records 

Combined these two companies provide space age technology and services that are 
without equal. NuScribe is already trading at $0.90 and VCMI is currently 
trading at $0.85 UP 25% from yesterday.

This news is going out over the wires all weekend. Get in Monday Now is the 

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