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Re: [Aleona-devel] Joining

From: Wolfgang Köhler
Subject: Re: [Aleona-devel] Joining
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 20:29:35 +0200
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Søren jensen wrote:
hi. im thinking about joining. that is if Aleona is gonna be 100% Free and both 
Linux/Win32. Ive been specializing in MMF GUI Design, 2D Graphics, 3D Graohics and 
3D Animation etc including Working for Blizzard on Diablo 1 and on the new upcoming 
RPG from Virgin Entertaintment USA. I have been specializing since i was 14 (25 
now) started out on the C64, then AMIGA where i took alot of 1st and 2nd prices in 
parties (Denmark, Sweeden, Norway, Germany) Programming i motived in: MMF, TGF, 
Batch, DB, DBPro, AutIT. Drawing & Painting through Adobe Photoshop / PSP. 
animation and 3d rendering 3D Studio Max. I own a company called skyline where all the current products are made by me, and the 
homepage gfx done by me, and the layout also done by me.

Hope i can be used.
Sincerely [p0ng]

Hello Søren!

You seem to have much experience in making gfx for games, as you worked with Blizzard on Diablo, as you said. I am convinced that you can improve the development of Aleona's Tales. You're welcome to join. Aleona's Tales is 100% free and cross-platform, and so is Stratagus.

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