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Re: [Aleona-devel] Proposal for continuing Aleona's Tales

From: Ingo Ruhnke
Subject: Re: [Aleona-devel] Proposal for continuing Aleona's Tales
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 01:23:20 +0200
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Wolfgang Köhler <address@hidden> writes:

> I think quite different there. Instead of making an own miniproject
> instead of Aleona's Tales, we should try to make the first milestone
> of Aleona's Tales. This would mean that we try to create Chapter I
> one of the campaign in aleona's Tales. We could recycle many
> graphics from FcMP for this, so the graphics won't be such a big
> problem. The problem will rather be the support of the engine for
> some of the new features (e.g. you can only build on area owned by
> you through towers).

After all its the point of the mini-game to get something done with
the engine as it is now, waiting until the engine has been fix will
simply takes too long. A indpendend mini-game would opens the
opportunity to get something done now, without much need for extra
gfx, some simply .ccl stuff should do.

> Nevertheless this milestone itsself shouldn't be the greatest work,
> the greater work must be done in the engine, and this has to be done
> anyway.

Yep, and thats why I think doing the Milestone I now at this point
will take to long.

> Let's look how far we are with our milestone:
> The storyline and game design is ready so far for milestone 1.
> Some graphics can be used from the old FcMP, some have to be created newly.

We would need the graphics for the heros, which is already quite a
good show stopper, especially since they shouldn't look different in
each and every milestone. Beside that the stuff described in could really make use of
some hooks in the engine, which currently simply do not exist.

An independent mini-game would also give the opportunity to try
something unrelated to the main story line, so we wouldn't have to fix
any of it, but simply could do whatever we like. Afer all I don't
really like to fix anything of the story, if we don't even have a real

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