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Re: [Adonthell-devel] New world test app

From: Kai Sterker
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] New world test app
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 23:55:11 +0200

On 6/10/07, Alexandre Courbot <address@hidden> wrote:

Now this makes me feel guilty... :) I'm so sorry to stay out of
development for now, but I'm just too busy (moved to Japan, need to
learn the language and everything, plus a post-doc in progress) to get
involved now. Which really bothers me.

Don't feel bad ... real life is really what should come first :-).
Besides, there'll always be more work waiting for you if you have time
at your disposal.

I really admire your dedication and wonder if you could give me your
trick to still have time to work on personal projects even when you
enter active life! ;)

Maybe my life just isn't as active as yours ;-). Nevertheless, working
on Adonthell means missing out on other fun stuff I'd like to do:
spending time with my family, reading (still two books to finish, one
to start), watching movies or DVDs (still unsuccessful at grabbing a
copy of Painted Veil at Blockbusters), playing Oblivion (or
Civilization IV; bought that a year ago and haven't even installed it
yet), etc.

To tell the truth, I'd rather take a less active role in Adonthell
development. Less programming, more design and coordination ... But
right now it seems that I have to do something that makes the project
more visible and tangible to those developers that might one day take
over more of the actual work. It's still my dream to create a RPG that
might be attractive to those who find Nethack too involved and
difficult and modern RPGs lacking in quality gameplay.

So I'll continue to contribute, as time and motivation allows ...
knowing that you (and others) are still around and interested, even if
unable to help right now, definitely helps staying motivated :-).

I just need to force me not to checkout the latest source to look at
it. Must... not...

No need to ... I am about to figure out what the problem is. For some
reason, the character keeps falling through the ground. I might just
have initialized the models incorrectly ...


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