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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Map implementation ...

From: Tyler Nielsen
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Map implementation ...
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 07:59:00 -0600

Well, I am interested in helping out still.  I know I go through long periods of inactivity.  Either way, I'm happy to help you in your tiny demo goal.  If there are specific things you want done to finish the animation class, aside from the delay stuff you talked about already, then let me know.

As far as the delay/animation e-mail.  I'm think that will work, but I have a small concern.  The timer stuff didn't seem that efficient when I looked at it (but I could be wrong, or it could be fixed).  I'm happy to go down the path of implementing this.  I'm also not sure what the connection between the update/delay, and the draw to the screen will be.  If we want to draw to the screen as fast as we can, and have update take care of the rest in the background.  Or make one update call per time we call the screen (either pass the time between frames into update, or have the entire thing spawned by the same event). 

FWIW... The main thing keeping me from getting involved (aside from time) is that I don't have an idea of the road map.  I'm a little concerned about going down a path, and then having it not do at all what is needed.  Both the audio and animation stuff I would put at the 70% done mark.  I wrote some common code (stuff that even if the entire interface needs to change is still usable).  I think getting a small demo working will help with this though.  Because once we have something then it can say we want to add feature X, Y, and Z.  And how they fit in should be a little clearer.

The last thing is, my understanding is that we lost the media from Alex's demo.  Any thoughts?


On 5/20/07, Kai Sterker < address@hidden> wrote:
A long time I had the hope that somebody would step up and take care
of implementing the map stuff. But finally I have given up waiting and
started doing it myself :-). I'd still be more than happy if somebody
comes along and helps, but perhaps we first need to have something to
show off to people before that happens.

Okay ... what is there so far? 'cvs update -d' and you should get the
"world" directory that contains the latest bits of Alex' mapengine
from the Road_to_0-4 branch. So far I have:

* slightly refactored it (landmap is now called area, but perhaps
terrain might be a better name. Can't name it map, as it conflicts
with std::map otherwise)
* changed saving/loading to use flat instead of file
* improved code doc and uploaded recent API to
* added TODO or FIXME where something looked suspicious
* made sure that everything compiles with gcc 4.0

My goal for the near future is to:

* finish animation class (maybe rename it to sprite in the process)
* streamline map code to better fit into v0.4
* add python wrappers for libadonthell_world
* recreate that great demo Alex had put together long ago (with
running, jumping, walking up stairs, etc.) and release a tiny little

If that doesn't create any interest ... well, in that case I'll have
to go and finish the GUI implementation on my own ... ;-P.

Anyway, let me know if you have a chance to look at the stuff or lend a hand.


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