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[Adonthell-devel] CMake finalization?

From: Alexandre Courbot
Subject: [Adonthell-devel] CMake finalization?
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 21:38:48 +0200

Hi everyone,

Just a little inquiry to know where we are going with CMake exactly.
The project is now able to *compile*, but that is not sufficient. I've
started working on the SDL-GL gfx backend, and I had to revert to
autohell for my tests. Not a big deal for now, however.

Still, it'd be interesting to list what is missing before we can
consider cmake as ready for "production". I've been noticing the
following things:

- Dynamically-loaded libraries are named instead of (e.g. instead of,
- Python wrappers are not installed,
- Versions of installed libraries/tools should be checked by cmake.

Please complete this list, I'm pretty sure there are plenty of others
(esp. for OSX/Windows targets)

I'm excited about cmake, so maybe I can look at these issues and try
to fix them, for my cmake culture. However, if Joel is still working
on it, I'd rather let him do and learn by watching the final result.


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