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[Adonthell-devel] CMake

From: Joël Vennin
Subject: [Adonthell-devel] CMake
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 20:45:00 +0200
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I found a couple of minutes to create CMake build files.

However, for now it compiles only all libraries without compiling sdl backend. 
It doesn't compile the py-wrappers stuff. I going to write some little macros 
to do the job.

So, note it's only the beginning, I'll try to do my best to finish asap.

If you want to try it, be sure to have the last cmake version (2.4.3), in this 
way you should see the progress monitor :p


address@hidden:adonthell> mkdir build && cd build
address@hidden:adonthell> cmake -DADONTHELL_DATADIR=$HOME/opt/adonthell/data ..
address@hidden:adonthell> make

Of course, some test are missing, but I'm going to add them.

Kay: I've osx, so I don't how it works on it. So when i've something stable on 
Linux && windows or sooner, could you take a look on macosx ?


Note: It is good to commit something on adonthell cvs :p

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