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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Shield and Armor Rules

From: Andrew Phillips
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Shield and Armor Rules
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 13:14:50 -0600

> > Also, should individual parts of paired armour be individually
> > equipped? For example, bracers and gloves come in twos. It makes no
> > sense to split up greaves or boots, but sometimes gloves or greaves
> > don't come in pairs and don't even -need- to come in pairs. For
> > example, why wear a bracer on your shield arm?
> That's true, but I'm not sure whether we should go into such detail. I
> would add one equipment slot for each of these items, and wouldn't
> distinguish between ones and pairs.

You have a good point. In this case, individually equippable bracers,
or even gloves, would need to be sufficiently powerful to make it
pointful to wear them individually. But since we're not spitting them
up, gloves and the like should probably have a single coverage
modifier. This would make the numbers easier to work out as well.

> To explain this idea a little more: a inventory is a list of slots.
> For equipping items, each character will have a special inventory that
> holds a list of slots named after the type of equipment that fits into
> this slot. What slots this equipment inventory contains can (easily)
> be changed at runtime, if necessary. I might have to refine the code a
> little that is already in place, but the implementation of armour sets
> based upon this shouldn't pose a big problem.
Thanks for the clarification. And many of the equippable items will
have restrictions on them anyway - mostly based on class and
alignment. For example, monks cannot equip metallic armours. As a
compensation, I think they should get an automatic +1 agility at first
level and the ability to train skills and combat feats that increase
their ability to dodge and parry. These rules, of course, are just a

Another armour restriction that might make some sense is too tie one's
move silent ability to the weight of one's armor. For example, if a
thief, ranger, or even fighter has ranks in move silently, equipping
half-plate and full plate armours may disable this ability.


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