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[Adonthell-devel] Stuff committed ...

From: ksterker
Subject: [Adonthell-devel] Stuff committed ...
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2004 09:54:20 +0200

Well, I prepared two mails yesterday, but for some reason I did not bring them 
with me today ;-). So here's in brief what I did and what is to come:

* editors:
  finally installed GTK+ 2.4 and updated dlgedit for
  it. Still one or two slight problems, but working
  and ready to checkout (tools module).

  questedit started, but not much done yet, so nothing
  in CVS so far.

  a little tool started to create a new game project
  with required directory structure and initial all
  files. not committed yet. I also plan to write a
  game_making doc. It should tell interested people
  how to start making a game, how the different parts
  fit together, what files to edit with what tool,
  etc. So while the editor docs and scripting guide
  go into detail in a limited area, the game_making
  doc should show the bigger picture.

* engine:
  added quest implementation (not tested yet and no
  test code available yet)

  added more init code to the main module. see
  src/main/adonthell(.cc|.h) for details. Also added
  a new class called paths to keep track of different
  data directories usable by the engine.

  I plan to add a general init method to the main
  module too, that will init all the different modules, 
  depending on flags passed to it. cleanup on shutdown
  will then be done automatically. Benefit is that the
  backend used by the modules can come from the config
  file or command line and needs no longer be hard
  coded. (See the code that is already in place)

More details when I am able to send the other mails. 
Comments welcome, of course. Also tell me whether the code still compiles on 
Linux. Can't test that ...



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