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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Map engine Tech Preview 2 ;p

From: Alexandre Courbot
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Map engine Tech Preview 2 ;p
Date: 14 Mar 2002 20:13:36 +0100

> That is very cool. Finally, no more need for several mapobjects of the
> same kind with different offsets! :) It seems we're finally nearing
> perfection with the mapengine :).

And best, I will no more hang myself when it will come to place interior
walls! :)

> > NG doesn't have a shadow for now, as they must be handled by the
> > engine. had no time to worry about that ;) Also, there is still no
> > collision handling. It will be much more difficult to handle, this
> > time.
> Right now it looks a little as if he is floating above the ground. The
> shadow would probably be an animation on it's own. It should be possible
> to use the same shadow for different characters though. Unless their
> movement totally differs. 

My thought about the shadows were the following: each character model
would have an integer indicating the size of its shadow. With this
parameter, it is very easy to draw a (translucent maybe) black filled
ellipse of the right size to do the shadow and place it where needed. Of
course if we do so shadows couldn't be animated. But I don't know if
it's necessary - the shadow is just a hint to know whether your
character is falling or not, and where he is supposed to fall.

> > Well, I guess that now I will stabilize the stuff and clean up a
> > little bit. Then maybe I'll start some editors (yeah! you have
> > correctly read!). Problem is, that Jol's new GUI won't be ready.
> > Instead of using the old one, I suggest handling input/output from the
> > console until I can do better (like in the old Genescroll days,
> > remember James? ;)). Is it allright?
> Sure :). I imagine the editor basics wouldn't depend on the gui anyway. 

Good. Will remind me of the good ol' days ;)

> Looks like we're doing nicely. If we keep up that speed, we might even
> manage another release this year. (I really want to believe!)

Releasing should be easy. That's releasing with a full-featured game
again that will be more problematic :) Maybe we could do some minor

> Btw, first sneak peek of localized dialogues foretold for the weekend
> :).

Woohoo! Can't wait to be able to play in German... err French! :)


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