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Re: [Adonthell-devel] libfreetype2, callback and namespace

From: Kai Sterker
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] libfreetype2, callback and namespace
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 19:57:24 +0100

On Wednesday 20 February 2002 14:39, you wrote:

> > That's fine. We already agreed on this I think, and
> > anyway freetype 2 is
> > widely used, so depending on it isn't really a
> > problem. By the way,
> > you'll probably be interested in SDL_ttf which is a
> > true type fonts
> > manipulation lib for SDL.
> Yes but i prefer to create own ttf class.

Yes, I think that is better. Otherwise we would depend on yet another library 
- and it would make clanlib support more difficult too.

> I know string is not a powerfull method, maybe you
> want to replace string by int. Yep but to understand
> the code, i think it will be more difficult.

As Alex said, there are enums ... :). Comparing loads of strings everytime an 
event occurs is a little slower than ints after all.

> > I came to the same reflexion this morning. Actually
> > the best thing to do
> > would be to use namespaces, just the way you
> > suggested. One namespace
> > for drawing stuff, one for input, one for the window
> > system, etc... We
> > could even put all the stuff that goes into the same
> > namespace into the
> > same subdirectory. But the problem is that SWIG
> > doesn't like namespaces
> > at all. When it sees the "namespace" token, it
> > raises a syntax error.
> > This should be corrected in the next future, but
> > right now it's
> > unusuable. Unless we isolate the namespace
> > declarations with #ifndef
> > SWIG so swig doesn't parse them, but in this case
> > there would be
> > namespaces in C++ while everything would be directly
> > accessible from
> > Python.

Well, at least we could use that as a workaround for now, and hope that the 
SWIG guys get namespaces working during the next millennium. Or do you think 
we'll be progressing faster this time? ;)

> > What do you others think about the reorganisation?
> > We all agree it's
> > necessary, but how to do it? Namespaces &
> > subdirectories seems quite
> > sensible in that respect. I think many others
> > projects use this scheme,
> > including ClanLib (which is my new reference when
> > talking about code
> > design ;)) If we can solve the Python/SWIG problems,
> > it would be
> > absolutely fine. Shall I ask the SWIG guys?

I'm all for it. And asking the SWIG people seems to be a good idea. After 
all, if they know that somebody really needs the namespaces, they might give 
that a somewhat higher priority.

I am also voting that Joel finds another mail service that doesn't wrap the 
text in such an ugly way. You hear me, Joel? ;)


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