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Re: [Adonthell-devel] New map engine first draft commited

From: Alexandre Courbot
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] New map engine first draft commited
Date: 17 Feb 2002 15:05:11 +0100

> > Still, don't forget to check whether the design (the placeable & moving
> > stuff, etc...) could be improved! :)
> Okay, I had a look at the class hierarchy (and part of the code). I don't
> have any improvements to the design (yet). I'm wondering however, if each
> class really needs the corresponding <class>_gfx? Or do already have plans
> to fill those classes in?

Empty classes will probably be filled, yes. Don't worry :) But they are
also here to bring some consistency to the engine architecture (to avoid
having things like map_character inherits from map_moving while
map_character_gfx inherits from map_placeable_gfx, you see?)

> The only problems I've seen so far have to do with the diagonal walking.
> In case we don't make extra animations for that, the character should at
> least look north- or southwards during diagonal movement.

Yes, the current left/right display is due to the bad input handling.
We'll have to write a better input system so I can catch key releases.
The old map system was "I advance while you tell me to" while the new
one is "Ok, you told me to go this direction so I'll go until you tell
me to stop". And as I can only test whether a key is pushed right now, I
have to stop the character every time before checking keys state. My
plans were that if you go left/right and push a vertical key, the
animation remains the left/right one while if you were going up/down
when pushing left/right too, the up/down anim remains displayed. But if
you prefer all up/down, that's no problem.

> The other issue is the speed. It's easy to see that right now, the
> character walks faster when moving diagonal. The explanation is trivial,
> as right now the speed is composed by adding two velovity vectors:
>          x
>     +-------->
>     |'.
>   y |  '. 
>     |    '.
>     v      '_| x+y
> Even in the ASCII graphics, you easily see that the velocity of x+y is
> greater than that of x or y.
> But again, that are minor issues. Still, it doesn't hurt if the
> calculations are sound from the beginning :). So the changes are in CVS.

Hehe. You're right, it looks a little better. I wouldn't have thought
about this, honnestly.


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