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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Can build RPM's

From: Kai Sterker
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Can build RPM's
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 18:00:47 +0100 (CET)

Okay, I have added a spec file for wastesedge as well. So if you are going
to make the adonthell RPM package, you can also make one for wastesedge.

To do so, update the wastesedge CVS, run '' and 'configure'.
Then 'make.dist', copy the resulting source package to
/usr/src/packages/SOURCES and run 'rpm -bb wastesedge.spec'.

One additional thing: by default, the RPM's will install to /usr/local.
If you want them to install to /usr, you have to run 
'configure --prefix=/usr' after the initial ''. (That's also
true for the adonthell RPM package.

I didn't try, but it should be possible to change the installation
directory by passing --prefix=<path> to rpm when you install the packages.
But of course, most people wouldn't (want/know) that. So it might be best
to ensure that they install under /usr.

I have also added a summary of everything to the NEWBIE file included with


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