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Re: [Adonthell-devel] Adonthell on GBA Was: Having serious compilation

From: Alexandre Courbot
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] Adonthell on GBA Was: Having serious compilation problems.....
Date: 31 Jan 2002 16:14:56 +0100

> Well, bear in mind that that's gonna increase to 640x480 soon. Some maps
> and buildings might be designed to occupy one screen - if you have a
> different res it might not work so well. Sure, you can scale, but I
> dunno if that's good all the time.

Keep in mind also that we want to be able to scale down to 320x240 for
slow machines - but the gfxs will be stored high-res on disk anyway, and
of course the game will lose a lot of it's beauty.

> Also, like Alex said we have more omportant issues to concentrate on.
> Don't get me wrong though - I'm not against the idea, it's just a bit
> early and a bit difficult right now - if I can play Adonthell on the
> train someday that would be totally cool though!

Yeah - before porting a game we should try to HAVE a game ;) and by the
time it's finished, if we continue at the same speed than for 0.3,
mobiles & portable consoles will surely be able to run it - it might
even be obsolete :)

> I'd say put that idea on ice for now and when the game has it's new -
> and final - 640x480 res, has item and battle functionality - then we can
> perhaps come back to this idea...

That's what I'd suggest too. Having a windows port (there is really a
few things to do - just a 'tle issue with Python) would be nice,
although I'd say it's not a top priority (I'm AGAINST including a Visual
Basic project file in the CVS tree! ;))


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