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Re: [Adonthell-devel] map!

From: cirrus
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] map!
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 14:56:40 +0000

Alexandre Courbot wrote:
> > Alex, can you please finish the map. As far a I can tell the only things
> > that have to be done are making the veranda walkable (which would
> > involve replacing the barn' outer gfx with the newer ones I sent u once)
> Yeah, but I thought it was already clear that the veranda couldn't be
> made walkable :/ I know it's a shame, but we'll have to find something
> else. Maybe the player could simply say he could travel the veranda?

Huh? I thought with the inn gfx split up it would work (the only bit you
can't do is above the main entrance but we wanted to use a teleport
there). I'll make a fakeshot in gimp to explain. If it really doesn't
then yeah, make the player say something.

> > and replacing the bit with the ladder that leads down from the barn's
> > loft so that the ladder doesn't lead into hay like it does now.
> Uh, just realised the tgz file you sent me regarding this just contained
> a PNM file... But in the .xvpics (used to save thumbails) directory! :)
> You can send it again if you want, but I'm not shocked by the stairs -
> you REALLY need a falcon's eye to see something wrong ;)

oops! I actually figured out how to turn that off in GIMP yesterday!
Stupid thumbnails!
here it is

> Something else, about the barn side walls. I don't really get how they
> should be placed, especially because the black gradient effect doesn't
> appear on them - also there are back/front ones, what are they for?

B= the back wall (you have this on the map already)

b= barn_left/right_back.pnm


f= barn_left/right_front.pnm

        l     r
        l     r
        l     r
        f     f

hope that helps! (it's not too bad without walls though - if it doesn't
make sense)

> > Those are the essential things (and you have one week! :P). In the
> > unlikely event that you have some spare time a few extra bushes and
> > plants outside would be nice too.
> That shouldn't take too much time ;) I'll think about where to add them
> and'll do it (but enough of Adonthell for today - instead I'll work a
> bit lesson for my upcoming exams - I really have to!)
Don't remind me - I have plenty to do too :(


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