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Re: [Adonthell-devel] credits

From: cirrus
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-devel] credits
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2002 21:23:33 +0000

Ok, here's version 2 of the credits. I didn't add the narrator since I'm
not sure how to fit that in, but feel free to add it yourself if you
have a good idea!

As for the display - I guess we'll go for the old white text on black
background scrolling upwards. Would it be possible to centre the text?
That would look best IMO.
If you want to get really fancy the cast bit should have the dash in the
centre - I guess you could achieve this by aligning the text to the
right but with an offset since 'himself' and 'herself' will be about the
same length.


   ___    ___  ___       ___ 
  /    / /__/ /__/ /  / /__                 Reg. Linux User #148821
 /___ / / \  / \  /__/ ___/

directed by:
Alandre Courbot
Kai Sterker

written by:
Kai Sterker
Mike Nieforth
Josh Glover

based on an original idea by:
Kai Sterker

produced by:
the Adonthell team

executive producers:
GNU Savannah

$player - you
Imoen Silverhair - herself
Bjarn Fingolson - himself
Erek Stonebreaker - himself
Orloth Redewyne - himself
Alek Endhelm - himself
Oliver Redwyne - himself
Talan Wendth - himself
Jelom Rasgar - himself
Tristan Illig - himself
Fellnir Kezular - himself
Lucia Redwyne - herself
Rhayne Frostbloom - herself
Sarin Trailfollower - himself
Janesta Skywind - herself

Mrs. Frostbloom's assistant:

Benjamin Walther-Franks

director of photography:
Alexandre Courbot

art director:
James Nash

assistant art director:
Benjamin Walther-Franks

Benjamin Walther-Franks

props masters:
James Nash
Kai Sterker

location managers:
Alexandre Courbot
James Nash

Alexandre Courbot

"Window" unit:

Joel Vennin

assistant director:
Joel Vennin

best boy:

Joel Vennin

music by:
Joseph Toscano

foley artist:
Joseph Toscano

title design:
John Havard
James Nash

soundtrack available on:

No Yetis where harmed during the production of this game

the Adonthell team wihes to thank:
Al Koskelin
Andrew Henderson
Chris Harris
Mark Howson
Dave Peticolas
Josh's friend doing the CVS
Deniz Oezsen

presented in

Ogg Vorbis Stereo

(where available)


Joel: you're fired!

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