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[Adonthell-commits] [ksterker/adonthell] 02c7b3: IMPROVED pathfinding

From: GitHub
Subject: [Adonthell-commits] [ksterker/adonthell] 02c7b3: IMPROVED pathfinding
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2012 07:23:17 -0700

  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Commit: 02c7b373e2a1445f093709b3537084921dc803e0
  Author: Kai Sterker <address@hidden>
  Date:   2012-07-08 (Sun, 08 Jul 2012)

  Changed paths:
    M src/world/mapview.h
    M src/world/node.h
    M src/world/
    M src/world/
    M src/world/pathfinding_manager.h
    A test/data/gfx/map/ground/pathfinding/grass.png
    A test/data/gfx/map/ground/pathfinding/sand.png
    A test/data/gfx/map/ground/pathfinding/stone.png
    A test/data/gfx/map/ground/pathfinding/wood.png
    A test/data/models/map/ground/pathfinding/grass.amdl
    A test/data/models/map/ground/pathfinding/grass.xtra
    A test/data/models/map/ground/pathfinding/sand.amdl
    A test/data/models/map/ground/pathfinding/sand.xtra
    A test/data/models/map/ground/pathfinding/stone.amdl
    A test/data/models/map/ground/pathfinding/stone.xtra
    A test/data/models/map/ground/pathfinding/wood.amdl
    A test/data/models/map/ground/pathfinding/wood.xtra
    M test/path/path-world.xml
    M test/

  Log Message:
  IMPROVED pathfinding
- code cleanup
- character now follows center of the path and will not fall over the edge
- pathfinding works on height-levels other than 0 as long as all the path
  is on the same level
- updated path_test to aid in debugging

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