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[Adonthell-commits] [ksterker/adonthell] d6a2bb: ADDED scaling support t

From: noreply
Subject: [Adonthell-commits] [ksterker/adonthell] d6a2bb: ADDED scaling support to the screen class.
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 13:12:20 -0700

Branch: refs/heads/master

Commit: d6a2bb8861d7e1dcb8967153605fc79bb7395a17
Author: Kai Sterker <address@hidden(none)>
Date:   2010-10-31 (Sun, 31 Oct 2010)

Changed paths:
  M src/gfx/
  M src/gfx/gfx.h
  M src/gfx/
  M src/gfx/screen.h
  M src/gfx/sdl/
  M src/gfx/sdl/
  M src/gfx/sdl/surface_sdl.h
  M src/gfx/sdl13/
  M src/gfx/sdl13/
  M src/gfx/sdl13/surface_sdl.h
  M src/gfx/surface.h
  M test/

Log Message:
ADDED scaling support to the screen class.

The purpose is to keep using the desktop resolution and aspect ratio
when running in fullscreen mode, while also keeping a fairly equal
sized view of the game world. For that purpose, a minimum and maximum
view size has been defined, so that the actual view size can be
magnified to the desktop resolution by an integer scaling factor.
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