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[Adonthell-artwork] Started work on Waste's Edge map

From: Kai Sterker
Subject: [Adonthell-artwork] Started work on Waste's Edge map
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2012 22:07:32 +0200

In order to implement pathfinding through doors, I've started
constructing Redwyne Inn using the latest graphics from cirrus.

It's not yet ready for exploring in worldtest, but if you are curious
and have the tools running, you can check it out in mapedit:

Cross-posting to adonthell-artwork, in the hope to get the attention
of some of the actual graphics folk:

First of all, there's a bit of a problem with the stairs. As it is
exactly as wide as a floor tile, it is not possible to place a
staircase directly against a wall. If doing so, it will not fit
through the ceiling, or there will be a gap as more ground tiles have
to be cut away (see attacged screenshot). The solution would be to
make stairs a bit thinner to allow for a piece of wall next to them. I
would assume that most stairs are actually built against a wall. If
not, we might need two sets of stairs: one full-width variant and one
slightly narrower which can be placed against a wall.

Furthermore, quite a few graphics are still missing. For example,
there are no special walls or floor tiles for the cellar yet, although
there ought to be some at least halfway done:

We also have no vertical doorways yet, no floor tiles for the yard, no
barn, no furniture. Well, just see

As for the map itself, I'm using v0.3 as the model, but ended up
making the inn slightly larger. Cellar, first and second floor are
done. As the next step, I have to built models for the roof tiles and
hope that they will still fit the changed architecture. If not, we
might have to resort to something like Ultima VII does and make part
of the roof flat (see, the
building on the left).

We also need to come up with fitting character graphics. For a start,
I might look into simply scaling the v0.3 characters, as I believe
they have more fitting proportions than NG. All in all my goal is to
get the map done as far as possible, using placeholders where graphics
are still missing. But that at least will allow us to work on
converting the other parts needed to complete Waste's Edge like
dialogue, quests and schedules.

As building the map is not as complex as coding, I guess I can
continue the work whenever I have even a small amount of time
available. So there should be more constant progress for the next few
weeks, but no code changes for a little while longer.


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