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[Adonthell-artwork] Wall names revisted

From: James Nash
Subject: [Adonthell-artwork] Wall names revisted
Date: Tue, 3 May 2011 20:25:04 +0100

Hi again,

Now that I have the tools up and running, I was going to start breaking up my 
Redwyne Inn wall parts into inner & outer parts and them making them into 
sprites & mapobjects. While I know that there'll never be a perfect, 
all-encompassing naming scheme for these things, the current one (described 
here has been 
bugging me a little. In particular, the use of "top" & "bottom" is confusing in 
the context of our 3D engine - in terms of their position in the game world it 
should really be "front" and "back" IMHO.

Also, if we split stuff into internal & external halves of walls - not all 
pieces make sense any more. For example, the "+" piece in the centre can be 
achieved by combining the  4 inner corner parts.

Additionally, I thought it would be neat if the names have the same length so 
that they line up nicely in directory listing on the command-line (but then 
again, maybe I'm just being anal!).

Anyway, putting it all together I've identified the parts shown in the attached 
pic as the minimum set. For each piece, there will be too mapobjects - the 
inside half (shown in turquoise) and the outside half (shown in purple). Their 
respective filenames would therefore begin with "ins-" or "out-". This is then 
followed by 3 characters: The first denotes if it is a straight (S), inside 
corner (I) or outside corner (O). The 2nd denotes front (F) or back (B) or is 
"x" if it is neither/irrelevant. The 3rd then if left (L), right (R) or neither 

PNG image

The parts of a particular kind of wall (stone, wood, etc.) are grouped in a 
folder. Adding that to the individual filenames is therefore redundant. 
Finally, if there are variations of certain parts, then "_variation-name" can 
be appended.


 +- wall
       +- stone
              +- out-SBx.png
              +- out-SBx_cracked.png
              +- out-SBx_double_with_window.png
              +- ...

What do you think?

Btw, you can find a Gimp XCF of the image (with each wall part as an individual 
layer) here:

        - James

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