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[Adonthell-artwork] Experimental cellar graphics...

From: James Nash
Subject: [Adonthell-artwork] Experimental cellar graphics...
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2010 23:33:22 +0100

Ok, I've been getting back into making map graphics over the weekend. Here's a 
fake screenshot of them (ignore the red bit in the top left - that's just where 
I hadn't put proper gfx yet):

PNG image

Some points:

For the grandfather clock I have made 12 versions of the clock face, so with a 
bit of scripting it can display the game time (well, the hour anyway - I didn't 
bother with a minute hand because it would have gotten too small). I also have 
5 frames for the pendulum, so that can be animated too.

The wall looks very plain right now because I was just focusing on getting the 
main parts (horizontal and vertical bits + all 4 inner and outer corners). 
However, in the source graphics I have each brick as an individual layer so I 
can easily make alternative parts (with different coloured, inset/outset, 
cracked etc. bricks) to create some more variation.

It's a similar deal with the floor - I can easily make alternative tiles to 
drop in randomly and break up the monotony.

Let me know what you think!

        - James

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