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[Adonthell-artwork] A request for Cirrus

From: Andrew Phillips
Subject: [Adonthell-artwork] A request for Cirrus
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 11:12:55 -0400

In the course of writing the audience scene between Feldis Trindas, Miralee Sylarine, and Erik the Grover, I had occasion to describe the ancestral weapon of the Wyvernesse family. It is what I call a censer, which is essentially a mace or morningstar with a void in the center where the use can place a sponge or vial filled with alchemical solutions. The swinging of the weapon then pushes the stuff out through holes in the surface of the weapon and adds alchemical effects - poison, acid, fire, stupor - to anything it strikes. For those of you with an Anglican or Roman Catholic background, it's like an aspergillum, except for hurting people rather than blessing them.
"More councilmen entered, followed by a very familiar wizard, his very familiar apprentice and Miralir's new-found son. Teodradt was stopped in the door and challenged for bearing a sword. Duke Erik held up a hand to pause Feldis' recitation and came down from his seat with Garrett by his side. Erik was now carrying a mace. It was peculiar, for it was not flanged as all the rest he had seen, or studded with iron knobs like Garret's war-flail. Its head was made like a coiled serpent, like the great flying worms. It was topped with the wyvern's open mouth. Then he noticed the holes in the mace's surface and the size of the beast's mouth. This was a censer, an alchemist's weapon, designed to sprinkle his foes with the desired elixirs. Erik said: "You know the laws of this town, do you not, Teodradt Cerfus? Why then do you bear a blade when no war is upon us?"
James, would you mind doing some drawings of this weapon based on the work you've already done on our insectoid dragons? I don't think I could do it nearly so well as you could.

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