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[Adonthell-artwork] Game graphics repository

From: Kai Sterker
Subject: [Adonthell-artwork] Game graphics repository
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006 14:20:24 +0200

In preparation for (hopefully) getting some game graphics done, I would like to set up a graphics repository in CVS. Before, some of the stuff was posted to the mailing list, some to the ftp server that's gone and lost, some stuff is lying around on cirrus' webserver. All in all, it's not very organized and might disappear sooner or later.

Given that the structure of a CVS repository cannot be changed that easily, I'd like to make sure it is properly laid out from the beginning. So here's my proposal:

- characters/           all living things
  - npc/                player/non-player characters
    <name of npc>/
  - animal/             beasts of the wild
    <name of animal>/
  - creature/           mystical beings
    <name of creature>/
- cutscene/             all cutscene graphics
  - <name of scene>/
  - ...
- map/                  all objects on the map
  - buildings/          constructions
    - <name of building>/
  - decoration/         things that liven up the landscape
    - inside/           (furniture, paintings, tapestries, ...)
    - outside/          (boulders, plants, ...)
  - ground/             floor tiles
    - inside/           (flooring, carpets, ...)
    - outside/          (grass, sand, stone, road, ...)
  - walls/              vertical 'borders'
    - inside/           (stone, plaster, timber ...)
    - outside/          (fences, walls, riverbanks, mountain sides ...)
- icons                 graphical representations
  - spells              (earth, air, fire and water magicks)
  - songs               (songs of birds, beasts and trees)
  - runes               (tattoos and runes)
  - feats               (combat moves and fighting feats)
  - stats               (properties, abilties and skills)
- items/                stuff that appears in inventories
  - armour/             (bracers, helmets, shields, vests, ...)
  - ingredients/        (herbs, powders, ...)
  - jewellery/          (rings, necklaces)
  - keys                (keys and lockpicks)
  - misc                (everything else)
  - potions             (flasks, bottles, potions)
  - tools               (alchemy sets, tattoo instruments, ...)
  - treasure/           (gems, gold, ...)
  - weapons/            (weapons and ammunition)
  - writings/           (books, scrolls, ...)
- ui                    user interface elements
  - backgrounds/        (window backgrounds)
  - widgets/            (widget graphics)

If you think anything is missing or should be layed out differently (i.e. more subdivisions in certain areas), please let me know. Once everything seems okay, I will create the structure in CVS, add what little v0.4 graphics I could gather from the places mentioned above and document the layout in the Wiki.


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