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Re: [Adonthell-artwork] Here I am! Sorry!

From: Kai Sterker
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-artwork] Here I am! Sorry!
Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 22:49:38 +0200

On Fri, 30 May 2003 08:48:41 +0000 LunarBlade Valentine wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm very very very sorry for the time it took me!
> Though I do not mean to give excuses, I wanted to apologize.
> I have been accepted to a college in Canada for the Electronic Game
> Art & Design program (!), and things have been pretty crazy, as I
> prepare to move to Canada.

Sounds terrific! Good luck there, then :).

> -First, we have Abbot Tham: I imagine him as a frail-looking old man
> with a strong spirit. This is a very sketchy sketch, but I wanted him
> to be very thin, with long white hair, but bright, young eyes.

His face looks good. I'm just wondering a little about the hair; him
being a monk and such. Guess I imagine his order somewhere along the
Buddhist line, at least when it comes to the look. If you're in favour
of the long, white hairs, maybe you could try to leave at least the top
of his head bald.

> -The Lord of Uzdu'kal: I'm really bad with armour and weapons, so
> please forgive the helmet. I decided I wanted to try and give dwarves
> a distict look. I don't want them just to look like short, bearded
> men. That's why I tried to build their faces a little different. I
> don't know if I did I good job or not.

You got it right, I'd say. One thing you might do to make Dwarves a bit
more different from Men might be to put the head right on their chest.
When looking at Benjamins portraits of Bjarn and Erek, you'll see that
their shoulders are practically level with their mouth. They have
practically no neck, which makes them shorter and therefore much more
dwarf-like :). 

> -Talan: Well, I tried to base him on the guy we see in Waste's Edge.
> Does he look like himself a little? Is it passable?

Apart from the new haircut, he's looking quite like himself :). 

> -Ah, Andre the Ranger: 

It's And_a_re.
> Do you think it's too dramatic? After reading
> about his history, I figured he doesn't say much to anyone about
> himself, and that he probably would like to hide his face when he can.
> Too much Anime, do you think? 

No, not at all. He appears a bit like Alek, with the similar hat and his
face covered. But considering that rangers are considered a shady folk
by most people, the look is fitting. 

>  Is he supposed to be handsome?

I believe that Andrew will have to answer that one ;). ("Why, yes! Of

> -The Apothocary: "This is a pickle." as the Oracle said in Matrix. 

He looks like a lovable old man. Ugly as sin, though :). 
I really like the look of the older version. To me it depicts the
essence of an apothecary. 

> -The Neighbor: Do you think she should be thin? What kind of
> deformations does she has? I really didn't know what to do with her.

Uh, don't you think she's a bit too scary like that? I imagined her
rather like a friendly, good-natured person. Not as young like on the
bottom sketch though. If you would take the top one and change her mouth
into an actual smile it might turn out pretty good.

> -Thorig's Mace: I wanted to draw the mace (just to practice doing
> weapons), and I ended up drawing... an axe! What a silly mistake, eh?
> I decided to send it anyway, just in case there's something to do with
> a drawing of an axe. ^_^;

We can definitely use it. Here comes the first item gfx! :) So if you
come up with more such things, please send them over.

> -Ynar: I think he turned out pretty dwarvish, don't you agree? I sorta
> like him here. Suggestions?

Yeah, he's great. You should try to remove his neck. I assume he'd turn
out even better.

> As I said before; there are just ideas, and all suggestions will be 
> welcomed. Ideas, changes and whatnots will only help me get a better
> picture of the characters.

Hope my comments where of any help then. There wasn't really much to add
anyway :). Great work.


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