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Re: [Adonthell-artwork] Some more sketches...

From: Alexandre Courbot
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-artwork] Some more sketches...
Date: 05 Feb 2003 18:16:10 +0100

> Here are a few more sketches:
> Here we have Albrecht; dressed in the latest Erinsford fashion. I tried to 
> take everybody's suggestions into account and tried to get him to have that 
> mean, cunniving look, and the ruffled, short hair.

Cool! He really starts having "the touch" - this little don't-know-why
that makes feel he's right. With Marcella, he's probably the most
finished of your characters (can't get the words right, hope you at
least get the idea! ^_^;) Looking again at the previous sketch, the
improvment is obvious!

One note though: I think it's important that he doesn't look always
*that* evil. Else, during the first images of the intro, I can already
hear players saying: "ah. so this is the vilain." Still, I can imagine
him with a smile as well without too much problems - and his bad guy
face is very convincing! :)

The two others look fine as well. Maybe modern technology worked too
well for Sulin, since his beard shocked me a little bit! :p Cirades, on
the other hand, looks perfect.

(and hop! 3 more sketches saved for the Art Book! :p)


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