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Re: [Adonthell-artwork] Some more sketches

From: Alexandre Courbot
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-artwork] Some more sketches
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 22:09:33 +0100

Cc'ing to you since you said you haven't got any feedback - normally you
should receive all the list mails. Don't you? I've checked, and you are
well subscribed to both adonthell-artwork and adonthell-general. Please
tell me whether you receive other messages or not and we'll try to fix
it. Normally, you should receive this message two times (one directly
from me, and one from adonthell-artwork).

On the other hand, this would explain why you haven't replied to the
huge amount of mails your introduction and first drafts generated!^_^

> Hey, please give me some feedback on the other drawings? I need to
> know if I'm in the right direction with Albrecht and the others.

Weee! Great once again. There's one issue I'm thinking about however.
Although it's no problem recognizing the characters from Waste's Edge,
I can feel some difference of style with the graphics that have already
been done. Maybe it's just because you only "drafted" them (gee, I'd
like to be able to draw as well as you draft!), but you certainly see
what I mean if you've seen James' and Ben's drawings. On the other hand,
they took a lot of care to draw every single details and play with the

This makes me think... Maybe you'll want to make in-game graphics as
well? (at least I really hope so!) In this case, all the gfx people will
have to somehow get along with their style. Not that it has to be
*exactly* the same - we're not industrials and artists should work the
way they like, moreover I think it's better if you can recognize an
original touch in the art. But since the gfx for Waste's Edge have been
very long to be made (mainly because of the coloring and high details),
and 0.4 is going to require much more artwork, you gfx people could try
to stick to a "simplier" (don't like that word) style that would allow
you not only to get about the same result but also to produce content
faster. I'm in no way saying this is what should be done - but I'd like
to open the discussion, since we'll have to talk about the style issue
soon or later. James? Ben?

> I tried to make Mina look as if she was a strong, pretty woman when
> she was younger. Helping with the Blacksmith, I would think she gained
> some muscle; but that was years ago, wasn't it? So I tried to make her
> with the fire she must have had way back then.
> At least that's the general idea. The sketch itself is rather simple
> to embody all those traits, don't you think?

Not only you are making great designs, but they stay very close to the
characters description - amazing once again! :) I especially like
Frostbloom. She has this dont-know-what that makes her special. (already
liked her in Waste's Edge anyway - probably for her killing sentences)

Anyway... Shall we discuss the style issue? You gfx people are much
better placed than me to sort this out anyway! :p

See ya,

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