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Re: [Adonthell-artwork] NG can walk! (in every direction)

From: Benjamin Walther-Franks
Subject: Re: [Adonthell-artwork] NG can walk! (in every direction)
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 13:18:39 +0200
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> There are just two things I noticed: 
> The first one is the head, which doesn't move at all. That looks a bit
> odd I think, especially as the rest of the animation is very detailed.

Yes, but I think the head not moving matters least, as long as no other part of 
the body is static. But the head moving a little (like up and down) will of 
course look even better. trouble is small movements like that, and they'd have 
to be small, moving the whole head by one pixel isn't an option, are hard to 
create: One has to suggest a slight movement via changing shades here and 
there, and that can quickly look stupid or twitchy. So I left that alone for 
the time being.

> The second point are the legs. He's got a very broad walk, which looks a
> bit odd as well.

Very true, didn't see of that. Although it isn't too noticeable, he certainly 
seems quite O-legged when you look at it closely.

I'll definately note your comments, but instead of directly improving NG, I 
might just take all those things into account when creating the next animation 
(which will be either the female version or a different race, don't know yet). 
Sometime I'll definately improve/redo NG, though.
> But anyway, for the very first animation it turned out very good :).
> It's about time we get rid of Crono and have our own character instead!

Looking forward to the next alextest ;)


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