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Re: [Addressbook-devel] include addressbook in GNU Emacs

From: jemarch
Subject: Re: [Addressbook-devel] include addressbook in GNU Emacs
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2007 19:49:53 +0200
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   >    Is addressbook ready to include in Emacs?
   > It needs more work before to think to include it in the Emacs
   > distribution. There are bugs and it is still incomplete.

   Can addressbook be integrated with any mailer (Gnus, MH-E etc) at the

Not yet. A convenient "public" API to access contacts information
should be designed and implemented.

   By the way, the uuid.el seems a good addition to Emacs by itself.

It can be useful to generate global identifiers, yes :) I still has to
finish the name and time based algorithms (the later requires bignum

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