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ada-mode and Doom Emacs (straight.el)

From: Tomek Wałkuski
Subject: ada-mode and Doom Emacs (straight.el)
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2023 14:23:35 +0200
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Hello and welcome,

has anyone managed to setup ada-mode successfully on Doom Emacs 
( It uses straight.el 
( under the hood.

I've added a package like this:

;; ~/.doom.d/packages.el
(package! ada-mode)

I've alire and gcc-gnat installed:

$ pwd

$ ./
alr is /home/tomek/bin/alr
building ada-mode executables via Alire
error: Crate [emacs_ada_mode~8.0.5] does not exist in the catalog.
./ 16: cd: can't cd to emacs_ada_mode_*
error: Cannot continue with invalid session:
error:    Could not detect a session folder at current or parent locations

Where do I even start to fix this?


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