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Re: [SPAM UNSURE] I failed to build Emacs Ada Mode 8.0.4 - missing files

From: Stephen Leake
Subject: Re: [SPAM UNSURE] I failed to build Emacs Ada Mode 8.0.4 - missing files and bad command line switch in
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2023 14:55:11 -0800
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Cameron Howie <> writes:

> Hi Stephe and Ludovic
> I'm trying to compile Ada Mode 8.0.4 for Emacs 28.2.I've compiled many
> prior versions of Ada Mode successfully, most recently Ada Mode
> 7.3.1.I use GNAT FSF on Windows, currently version 12.2 revision 10.

I'm guessing that's from the msys2 distribution?

> I seek to use Ada Mode with "Wisi" inside Emacs (no language server,
> eglot, etc. for now -- maybe later!).


> I have 2 issues: ISSUE 1=======I can't locate the source files for
> things like "ada_mode_wisi_parse.gpr". Thus I can't buildsome of the
> executables like "ada_mode_wisi_lalr_parse.exe". More info: My "elpa"
> subdirectories of interest are:    - ada-mode-8.0.4   -
> gpr-query-1.0.3   - gpr-mode-1.0.3   - wisi-4.2.2 In the past, files
> like ada_mode_wisi_parse.gpr were found in the ada-mode-x-y-z
> directory off elpa. Where are they now? 
> The file expects this GPR. 

Ah. used to create ada_mode_wisi_parse.gpr from by running gnatprep. But that changed, and I
did not update the elpa package properly. Apparently I only tested the
Alire build. Sigh.

ada_mode_wisi_parse.gpr attached.

> I have successfully compiled these objects so far:    -
> wisitoken-bnf-generate.exe   - ada_annex_p_lr1_parse_table.txt   -
> gpr_mode_wisi_parse.exe   - gpr_query.exe   - run_gpr_parse.exe 


> ISSUE 2=======In the "" script for ada-mode-8.0.4
> subdirectory, there's a command:    $WISI_DIR/wisitoken-bnf-generate
> --task_count 1 ada_annex_p.wy   which generated an error from
> "wisitoken-bnf-generate.exe" saying it didn't understandthe command
> line switch:    "--task_count 1" Is this a legacy/deprecated switch?

Oops; that should be deleted.

Any reason you are not using Alire?

I have limited bandwidth for testing this stuff (as evidenced by the
test failure above), so I'm very inclined to only support Alire going
forward. Please speak up if this will not work for you.

-- Stephe

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