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I failed to build Emacs Ada Mode 8.0.4 - missing files and bad command l

From: Cameron Howie
Subject: I failed to build Emacs Ada Mode 8.0.4 - missing files and bad command line switch in
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2023 16:13:11 +0000 (UTC)

Hi Stephe and Ludovic

I'm trying to compile Ada Mode 8.0.4 for Emacs 28.2.
I've compiled many prior versions of Ada Mode successfully, most recently Ada Mode 7.3.1.
I use GNAT FSF on Windows, currently version 12.2 revision 10.
I seek to use Ada Mode with "Wisi" inside Emacs (no language server, eglot, etc. for now -- maybe later!).
I have 2 issues:

I can't locate the source files for things like "ada_mode_wisi_parse.gpr". Thus I can't build
some of the executables like "ada_mode_wisi_lalr_parse.exe". More info:

My "elpa" subdirectories of interest are:

   - ada-mode-8.0.4
   - gpr-query-1.0.3
   - gpr-mode-1.0.3
   - wisi-4.2.2

In the past, files like ada_mode_wisi_parse.gpr were found in the ada-mode-x-y-z directory off elpa. Where are they now? The file expects this GPR.

I have successfully compiled these objects so far:

   - wisitoken-bnf-generate.exe
   - ada_annex_p_lr1_parse_table.txt
   - gpr_mode_wisi_parse.exe
   - gpr_query.exe
   - run_gpr_parse.exe

I cannot find the "ada_mode_wisi_parse.gpr" which is listed in the "" for Ada Mode 8.0.4.
Historically, with version 7.3.1, I compiled these objects too:

   - ada_mode_wisi_lalr_parse.exe
   - ada_mode_wisi_lr1_parse.exe
   - run_ada_lalr_parse.exe
   - run_ada_lr1_parse.exe

These objects are not compiling for me now. I tried pasting and hacking the
"ada_mode_wisi_parse.gpr" from the version 7.3.1 subdirectory, but it puked error messages so
I'm going to wait for help from you guys.

In the "" script for ada-mode-8.0.4 subdirectory, there's a command:

   $WISI_DIR/wisitoken-bnf-generate --task_count 1 ada_annex_p.wy
which generated an error from "wisitoken-bnf-generate.exe" saying it didn't understand
the command line switch:

   "--task_count 1"

Is this a legacy/deprecated switch? Presumably.

Many thanks for any help.


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