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Re: Syntax failure with pragma

From: Stephen Leake
Subject: Re: Syntax failure with pragma
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2021 12:02:37 -0700
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Simon Wright <> writes:

> Ada-mode doesn't accept this code
> with Ada.Real_Time.Timing_Events;
> package Pragma_In_PO is
>    protected type Flasher_Handler is
>       pragma Interrupt_Priority;
>       procedure Turn_Off_The_LED
>         (Event : in out Ada.Real_Time.Timing_Events.Timing_Event);
>    end Flasher_Handler;
> end Pragma_In_PO;
> C-c C-f says
> wisi syntax errors
> match name error

Works in my bleeding-edge devel version, which uses a very much changed
Ada grammar file (I started over from LRM Annex P, so I could ensure I
got all the Ada 202x stuff). Which is many months away from release, at the
rate I'm going.

It should be possible to patch ada.wy to fix this. It would be very good
for the emacs ada-mode community if someone other than me could do
things like that.

-- Stephe

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