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[Xlog-discussion] Re: info

From: Joop Stakenborg
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] Re: info
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 22:24:07 +0100

On Fri, 29 Mar 2002 12:40:52 EST
address@hidden wrote:

> I would likw know if this logging program have follow feature:
> a)Search for multicriteria like: searc for a fan named "Bob", worked in 20 
> meters in cw that live in NY and so on; 

No, xlog does not have this, but this might be available in the
next version (0.7).

> b) It is available an "number field" 
> where user can search for "100" or "1000" qso?

See a.

> c) Set automacticly data in 
> mode field when user enter frequency data?

This might be a good idea. However, with so many modes we have today
(PSK31, RTTY, MFSK, etc.) and so many hamradio frequencies and different
bandplans for every continent, I think it very hard to program.

> d)How many separate logbook or  
> user can to use program?

In principle, you can open an infinite number of logbooks.

> e) It is possible to search for name field? 

See a.

> f)Re-order functions: reorder all 
> entire database when user delete any qso, ex. if delete #100 qso and you have 
> 1000 entries, then program would re-order (with new numbers) all database? 

Yes, it does just that.

> g)How many qsos allow set? 

Not sure what you mean. How many qso's are allowed?

This will depend on how much memory you have and what you think is still
acceptable for loading speed (loading of the logs takes the most time).
Future versions of xlog will have a db3 and SQL database, which will
be a lot quicker.

> h)How faster it is if you have 50 thousands qsos?

Don't know, never tried it. Maybe you can give it a try yourself?
With a simple editor it is rather easy to create a big log.

> Any info to my e-mail address@hidden
> Thanks and 73 de hi3ab (RB)

Joop PA4TU

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