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[Xlog-discussion] Fun with adif and twlog (xlog 0.7-beta2)

From: Joop Stakenborg
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] Fun with adif and twlog (xlog 0.7-beta2)
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 20:23:58 +0100

I have uploaded 0.7-beta2 to:


This version should be able to read twlog and adif files, which
you can save as xlog files. Adding, deleting and updating of
QSO's should also work.
Power is now correctly retrieved from the rig and power2mW is used.

I guess Stephane could test if he can correctly read his twlog files
and see if he can use it for general logging. Printing won't work yet,
as the column titles will be messed up. However, I can't really say
if it is safe to start using xlog instead of twlog. I have done
couple of tests and all seems okay....

I noticed a small flaw in the adif code. When the remarks column is
empty, it will be filled with the entry in the previous column.

I have started to work on the log-editor, so we can use free fields
in the log and add/remove columns.
The safest (and probably also the quickest) way to get things going
would be to make a copy of the current log, with new columns added.
The copy will have some other name, so the original file will not
be touched. Lateron, you can decide to remove the old log, if things
are okay.

Does the seem like a good way?

Happy easter,
Joop PA4TU

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