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[Xlog-discussion] xlog 0.7 beta 1

From: Joop Stakenborg
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] xlog 0.7 beta 1
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 15:03:41 +0100

Here we go, the first beta for version 0.7. This is a version meant
for testing purposes only! It should not be used for general logging!!!!!


Big changes:
* Adif patch by Stephane.
* You can select a file type when opening a log:  old, xlog, twlog and adif.
* You can read logs with columns like: "GMTEND", "POWER", "NAME", "QTH",
  "LOCATOR", "U1", "U2". U1 and U2 are free fields (not implemented yet).
* Power is retrieved from the rig.
* Fields in the QSO frame will adapt to the number of columns in the log.

Attached you will find a short log file, when read will display a second
GMT button for endtime and a field for power logging.

Because this is work in progress (some major rewrites were required) the
following things won't work: log search, printing and copying fields 
between logs.

I have quickly tested adif and twlog support. Some fields are okay, some
are not.

Joop PA4TU

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