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[Xlog-discussion] Re: Xlog output format

From: Roger R. Darr
Subject: [Xlog-discussion] Re: Xlog output format
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 00:28:45 -0500
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Thanks Joop,

It looks like we should wait until the new fields are added, especially the user-definable ones. Then logfile/oldlog.c or flog.c can be a starting point for the ADIF format. Looks like some of the hooks are already there for it.

Stephane, do you want me to make a try at ADIF, when the database structure is solid?

73,  Roger  (AG4BE)

Joop Stakenborg wrote:

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002 10:17:14 -0500
"Roger Darr" <address@hidden> wrote:

My name is Roger Darr.

My home email is address@hidden
I'm writing from work now.

I will probably be modifying my copy of xlog to use the ADIFF format to
save and load files.  This will make using eQSL.cc easier for me.  I may
also want to add some fields like QTH or QSL message.  Just wanted to
know if you would be interested in supporting ADIFF in the main
distribution, and if so do you want to use some of this code I'm about
to write for xlog.

Hi Roger,
We are short before releasing a new version (0.6), which already has support for some file formats. Formats alien to xlog are supported through
a library called liblogfile and it would be nice if any of your work would
end up there. There is a release candidate for 0.6 at:


I am not adding ADIFF to 0.6 though, because release is planned for next week.
Development of xlog is coordinated through a mailing list, which you can
find in the CC header. Would be nice if you could join in. The subscription
page is at:


Adiff is already planned, but I guess you could take this task, if Stephane 
does not mind....
Version 0.7, which I am working on, will have additional fields:
GMTEND, POWER, NAME, QTH, LOCATOR and 2 free fields which you can define 
so there is really no need to program you own fields ;-)


Joop PA4TU

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